Is Wealthy Affiliate for you? – A Full Review

Is Wealthy Affiliate for you? A Full Review

Are you searching for a new challenge or want to make some extra cash on the side? Do you like to share your thoughts on different topics and help people with solving problems? Are you willing to invest time in yourself to learn, grow and try new things? Well, if you answered yes to any of those then Wealthy Affiliate might just be for you!

Let me start by saying, I am new to Wealthy Affiliate and I would like to provide an honest review of what I have experienced so far with this platform. I will break down all the components of the platform and provide an overview and conclusion at the end.

Check out their website at:

Training at Wealthy Affiliate, A guide to the online world.

The training program offered at Wealthy Affiliate is thorough and easy to follow along. There are videos to watch throughout each section that explain what to do and how to do it. As well, there is corresponding material to guide you through the rest. The training also has tasks to check off in each section to ensure you are following along and getting the most out of the courses. The training can be for beginners trying to learn the online affiliate world or for beginners trying to build their first website. Also, the training can be for advanced techy’s that are trying to expand their skills into marketing online. The training covers many different aspects of the industry and will certainly help you understand the online world and learn many new skills.

There are two avenues of training in Wealthy Affiliate;
1) Online Entrepreneur Certification – this is all about creating a successful online business.
2) Affiliate Bootcamp – this is a complete guide to affiliate programs and how to build your websites effectively.

These two training courses include multiple phases in each, that are further divided into lessons and tasks to keep you engaged, motivated and productive.

Support at Wealthy Affiliate, 24/7.

From technical support to words of encouragement – there is a community of caring people here! The platform has a messaging service and a Live Chat to stay connected with other like-minded entrepreneurs. The Live Chat can be used for asking technical questions with your website, for sharing a new blog or for simply chatting with one another. The community aspect of Wealthy Affiliate is quite neat and welcoming as you have the opportunity to interact with professionals all around the world. There is always something we can learn from someone else, its just a matter of how well we listen.

WordPress Hosting, A nice touch.

Another feature included with the Wealthy Affiliate platform is WordPress hosting. This is quite beneficial to you in terms of the whole online presence. Creating visually appealing and quality website can be a breeze with the tools and resources provided at Wealthy Affiliate. WordPress has tons of designed website templates for you to use, so essentially all you need to do is plug in your content and you are good to go! In addition, your website hosting fees are included with the membership to Wealthy Affiliate. This would be an added cost, if you were to choose another option.

Check out the WordPress templates today with your risk free 7-day trial!

Site Rubix, Stay organized.

This is where the online magic happens. Site Rubix is all part of the platform and includes tools for building and managing your site, registering domains, creating online content, and keeping your comments and feedback organized. One site may be easy to maintain and manage but once you become an expert and have 15-25 websites on the go – you will certainly appreciate having all this information organized in one area. Even with 3 websites, you will appreciate all the tools and resources offered here.

I think it is extremely easy to navigate from one task to another in different sites with the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You can quickly check if a domain is available, then quickly switch over to a site to create content, upload an image or check the overall health of your site. Try it out, seriously!

Cost, is it worth it?

Alright, here we are at the money part – always an important aspect to anything.
Let’s break it down.
1)    Try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE on a 7-day trial. Block off some time and hammer out the first course and see what you think.
I was impressed, so that lead me to #2.
2)    Go Premium within the 7-day trial for only $19 for the first month.
Still impressed. Looking at option #4.
3)    Continue Premium month to month for $49/month.
4)    Continue Premium year to year for $359/year.

I understand that the it can be difficult to put money towards an online program when there are many other platforms offering huge promises too! It is also very important to evaluate each program thoroughly and make sure they meet your needs and to ensure they are legit businesses that you can trust investing your money and time into.

I believe Wealthy Affiliate is totally worth trying for at least 1 month at $19. The knowledge you will learn from the courses will certainly be worth $19, by far! That’s basically the cost of going out for lunch. You can take that knowledge and apply it elsewhere in your life, so why not take a chance on you?

Create an account today!

Affiliate Program, Vegas anyone?

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with tools, resources and teachings to begin building an online business as well as establishing yourself in the online world. On top of that, they also offer a very lucrative Affiliate Program for members. Their affiliate program also includes an all expense paid trip to Vegas if you reach the target amount in referrals! If you can begin referring others to join the Wealthy Affiliate community, then you will be on your way to building your own success and packing your bags for Vegas! I think this is a solid foundation to begin your online adventure because you get the technology of the platform to build your online presence, the support from networking within the community and the skills required to build an online business and become an affiliate master!

Set yourself up for success by setting clear goals and objectives and holding yourself to them. The community at Wealthy Affiliate is here to support success. It may seem hard to ask for help at times, but this platform makes it easy and quick to reach out to others.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website URL:
Training: Effective & Useful
Support: 24/7 – A community of support.
Website Builder: Simple, powerful and fun.
Wordpress Hosting: A bonus & worth the membership
Research Tools: Handy
Success Stories: You’ve probably have heard similar ones before.
Price: $49/month or $359/year
Wealthy Sense Rating: Worth it = $$$$
Would I recommend to a friend or family member: Yes

Final Thoughts

I honestly believe you can make money online by joining Wealthy Affiliate. You will want to take advantage of their courses and their tools to build your own website around your expertise, which will take effort and time, but if you are committed to seeing your work through then I believe you will find success. Therefore, I believe Wealthy Affiliate is for me, so I will continue this exciting ride.

With any type of business start-up, there will be some sort of up front costs to getting things off the ground, this is no different as there are costs to purchasing domains and if you decide to use different online tools there is usually a cost associated with these. I think you can be savvy with your money and begin building websites through Wealthy Affiliate and as your success grows, then you can invest more into your business. I believe the potential for growth outweighs the cost of the membership.

In a few weeks, I will post another review of Wealthy Affiliate and provide further insights into their training, features and overall business.

Try it out, risk free for 7 days, click here.

If you have any feedback for me regarding this post, please leave me a message. And if you have any questions for me, please leave them in the comments and I will do my best to respond soon!

I will continue to provide reviews on a weekly basis for other products out there. Stay tuned for more! I wish you all the best of luck on your journeys.

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